2022 Car Incentives, New Ecobonus Chassis Starts Today

start From 10 a.m. today, November 2, Incentives for “new” cars have begun. Therefore, the changes in the ecological reward structure that we have talked about many times in the past are taking effect today. The structure that has been modified to broaden the audience of recipients (with special emphasis on for ISEE certain limit) and allow greater use of available funds for 2022. We remind you that the changes apply only to incentives for electric vehicles (range 0-20 g/km CO2) and plug-ins (range 21 – 60 g/km CO2. ). The trunk of the automobile has been exhausted in the range of 61-135 g/km of CO2 for some time.

Beginning at 10am, franchisees will be able to start entering new requests for contributions to the new system. In fact, the Ecobonus reservation is up to dealers only. Buyers, as we know, don’t have to do anything. Within the MISE site dedicated to Ecobonus, it will be possible, as usual, to see the remaining funds available which are, for the time being, very plentiful.

Over the next few weeks we will be able to check if the corrections made by the Italian government have achieved the goal of encouraging the purchase of the BEV and PHEV models.

The new incentive structure

Let’s briefly recall the new car incentive structure for 2022 that went into effect as of today. for ISEE Less than 30,000 euros Comes with an “extra bonus” of 50%. The new system of contributions is as follows:

  • Electricity with scrap: 7500 euros
  • Electricity without abrasion 4500 euros
  • Plug with scrap: €6000
  • Free delivery: 3000 euros

All the remaining rules, including the maximum price for purchased vehicles, have not changed. For those with an ISEE above €30,000, nothing changes compared to the past. The second big news is that the rewards will also be extended to “Legal entities that carry out car rental activities for commercial purposes, other than car sharing, as long as they maintain vehicle ownership for at least 12 months“.

In this case, the Ecobonus structure provides 2,500 euros of incentives with the cancellation of the purchase of a new electric car or 1,500 euros without cancellation (the maximum cost of a new car is always 35 thousand euros plus VAT). For additional components, there will be a contribution of 2,000 euros with scrapping or 1,000 euros without cancellation (45,000 plus VAT maximum car price).

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